Florida Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, Inc.
Florida Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, Inc.

President's Message

FAPI was formed in 1987 to promote excellence in patient care, to educate members about new research in medicine and health care as well as to promote professional solidarity among the physician community. FAPI physicians maintain high standards of ethics and professionalism.


This year’s theme is “Connecting First and Second Generation of Physicians”.  I would like to welcome Young Physicians this year and thank them to be part of this amazing organization.  We need many second generation physicians to become actively involved with FAPI.


FAPI's mission is to help and support underprivileged adults and children, increase obesity awareness in lower socioeconomic group and do nutritional counseling for the needy. FAPI participates in many charity events and provides scholarships to the needy for further education.  FAPI strives to unite people of Indian Origin to work towards our vision of creating a better tomorrow.


FAPI physicians have a great impact in the Tampa Bay Area. Small solo practices to big practices in Tampa Bay Area have more than 600 practicing physicians. As FAPI Physicians, we provide excellent patient care in our community.


Finally, I would like to thank our sponsors for providing their financial support throughout the year.  





Dr. Chirag Shah

FAPI President 2016-2017




Where to Find Us:


P.O. Box 340250

Tampa, FL 33694-0250



FAPI Office bearer's 2017-2018


Dr. Nagaraj Sharma

President Elect:

Dr. Mukesh Mehta

Vice President:

Dr. Rakesh Sharma


Dr. Arthi Sanjeevi


Dr. Mamata Ponnaganti

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